The solar roller is a solar powered generator, created to replace diesel/petrol generators at outdoor events. It provides silent and renewable electricity, equivalent to a 4kVA diesel generator with no noise, emissions or fuel costs.

The solar roller can provide power for sound systems, lighting, bouncy castles etc. at community events, music festivals and other outdoor parties/events in off-grid locations. Backed up by the stored energy in the batteries it can power events that take place on cloudy days or in darkness, powering a stage for at least 5 hours and, in an unshaded location in fine weather, 6-10+ hours.

Prices include delivery, setup, insurances and a friendly representative to engage the public.

Funded by the Marks & Spencer Community Energy Fund and designed by DEE (Demand Energy Equality) the array fits into a small trailer, making it easy to transport to events in and around Greater London.  It provides an effective demonstration of renewable energy in action.

Two rental options are offered:

  • Option 1: Solar roller – £280/day, £735/weekend
  • Option 2: Solar roller + sound system + technician – £380/day, £1125/weekend
    • Events outside M25 cost extra

Now booking until October 2019

Created by SELCE the Solar Roller is brought to you by the Minesweeper Collective Limited, a limited liability workers’ co-operative –

Technical Specification

Power generation:

6 x Shanghai Electric 175W panels, total array capacity of 1050W

  • Connected via a Victron 100-50 Bluesolar MPPT charge controller
  • Able to deliver approx 40A charging current at peak power generation

Sound system:

  • Active speakers: tops 2 x Phonic Jubi 12AR 700w; subs 2 x Behringer 1200D pro 500w
  • 3 x Eco-A dynamic microphones & stands
  • Behringer 2 channel DI box
  • Behringer Xenyx X1204 USB 10 channel sound desk.


  • Solar Input: 1050W
  • Effective Battery Capacity: 7.5kWh
  • 4 x Rolls 4000 Series S605 6V
  • Battery bank nominal voltage: 24V
  • Battery bank capacity: 450Ah (20 hour discharge)

Discharge time with the following continuous loads; 50% D.o.D:
500W (20A) 11 hours | 1000W (40A) 4.5 hours | 1500W (60A) 2.5 hours | 2000W (80A) 1.5 hours.


  • 3kVA Pure Sine Wave Primary Inverter
  • 350VA Pure Sine Wave Secondary Inverter

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    We have had the pleasure of working with the Solar Roller team for 2 years now and can highly recommend it for community groups … The package including Solar Roller and sound desk with technician is extremely good value for money.

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